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The Dream of A White Rose

I know it's not Valentines Day but it's just around the corner...
What’s Your Rose?
I was recently watching Beauty and the Beast mostly because I am missing someone and it reminds me of him. That’s when I had a thought about the enchanted rose in the movie; roses in general, their symbolism and why I find myself drawn to them? You see if you know me you know that I am not a flower person don’t get me wrong I love a beautiful garden but I’ve use to hate and still kinda do hate getting flowers from my boyfriend or friends. I love the gesture, thought, effort, that goes into them but I always became sad because I couldn’t keep them alive. They were a gift of love and thoughtfulness but the flowers always die.
It makes me sad because I would look at the flowers and think. “Is this what happens to love, it blossoms then dies?” I love roses and by all means I would love a silk rose or fake rose because the meaning effort and gesture is the same but the love and meaning behind the r…

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