Friday, February 1, 2013

The Dream of A White Rose

I know it's not Valentines Day
but it's just around the corner...

What’s Your Rose?

I was recently watching Beauty and the Beast mostly because I am missing someone and it reminds me of him. That’s when I had a thought about the enchanted rose in the movie; roses in general, their symbolism and why I find myself drawn to them? You see if you know me you know that I am not a flower person don’t get me wrong I love a beautiful garden but I’ve use to hate and still kinda do hate getting flowers from my boyfriend or friends. I love the gesture, thought, effort, that goes into them but I always became sad because I couldn’t keep them alive. They were a gift of love and thoughtfulness but the flowers always die.

It makes me sad because I would look at the flowers and think. “Is this what happens to love, it blossoms then dies?” I love roses and by all means I would love a silk rose or fake rose because the meaning effort and gesture is the same but the love and meaning behind the rose or gesture won’t physically die. It will last forever if you hold onto it. That got me thinking about Beauty and the Beast, the cursed rose the witch’s spell that the Beast had to find true love before the last rose peddle dropped. It was symbolizing that if he wants love, true love he has to be able to be vulnerable and open to the one he desires for her to see him and fall in love with the real him. The Beast’s own emotional torture was his shallowness about his own self-image and that of a woman’s shallowness would be the same as his because how ugly he is or feels. Looks were everything to the Beast but not to Belle (Yes, Belle is very attractive and that’s a hole different rant).

The curse took the Beasts hope his chances of ever finding love was lost but his drive to become the prince he was became his hope. Though once he got to know Belle that all changed. The emotional hope, optimism, wish, desire to find true love, hoping he was worthy of her love as much as he knew he was worthy of her if she gave him a chance. But also he doubted it too because you don’t think someone will love you for who you truly are, it’s what’s inside a person that counts. Being able to love their actions, to know how they not only receive love but how they love. That can get tricky because you don’t necessarily feel loved but you are. You just need to learn the language of each others love and be willing to be open to share how you receive and give love, along with lots of understanding. (Something I’m always learning).

Back to the thing I disagree with, the color they used for the enchanted rose in Beauty and the Beast. The reason for it is because the beast was looking for love (represented by a red rose in the film, but for the wrong reasons originally) When the Beast loved he wanted to be loved in return. The red rose symbolizes love, passion and a few more but has only two meanings; “I love you” and “Job well done.” But that wasn’t the question the Beast was ultimately asking himself once he knew he was in love with Belle.

We are all capable of love I believe that, I believe love is Magical on ways we will never truly understand but strive to have time in our lives for it or struggle to make the time even if what you want scares you the most. For some including myself we question at times; “Are we worthy of love?” This hole little random thought came from the color of the rose in Beauty and the Beast and the specific meanings of a single rose given.

I know I am worthy of love but is there someone willing to tell me they are worth it. Instead of having a negative self image about themselves saying they aren’t worth the trouble aren’t worth the love I have to offer. To accept me for all my skeletons, baggage, insecurities, anxiety, lack of confidence at times, go luckiness, enthusiasm, passion, loyalty, faithfulness, honesty, devotion. As I accept and love him for everything he has been, everything that he is, and everything that he is yet to be. The rose I thought should have been used in Beauty and the Beast was white rose.

When I would give my boyfriend a flower it was a red rose because I am telling him I love him and if it was at the end of a performance yes I was also telling him “Job well done.” He would give me a red rose too (all are fake because of allergies and we don’t like the fact they die on us). But honestly the rose I would love to receive especially when times are tough and I’m looking for hope. My personal favorite rose is the white rose. A white rose symbolizes a lot; purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence humility, youthfulness, heavenly…but a white rose means only one thing unlike the red. A single white rose is telling the receiver “I am worthy of you.”

To have someone know you that deeply in your heart, even if they can’t read you at times nor you them. Though that is why love is terrifying and why it’s an adventure a dangerous one at that because your heart is at risk, but if you are in love with someone and come out of left field they still know you love them and you know they love you. It’s hard it’s confusing sometimes you can’t wrap your head around things but just have to jump in without thinking, knowing you can get hurt.

To receive a white rose from that man. Having that much confidence in himself and in us well, I can guarantee you happy tears would run down my face, honestly so many women doubt they are worthy of love. If you do love someone and are unsure what to get someone for Valentines Day or even get yourself if you’re alone. I suggest a white rose. Because so many doubt they are worthy of TRUE LOVE and yes we dream of hearing it from someone to tell us (or maybe just me) we are worth it. If you are trying to achieve the impossible mix eleven roses that are white and blue. Blue is to achieve the impossible the unattainable while still letting them know they are loved and worthy of your love. Why eleven roses you may ask? Eleven roses tells the receiver they are truly deeply loved by the giver.

If you're wondering what rose colors mean/represent, the mixing of roses and the quantity because you believe in symbolism or if you're just curious on the meaning. Also if you'd like to explain it to the one you give them to and why. This is a great link:

Thursday, January 10, 2013


1. The Decent
It’s been a couple months since I’ve updated and I’m sorry it’s been really rough and still is even with this New Year. I am in the mist of editing a new video on my YouTube Katrina Meier YouTube Ch channel as part of the amazing adventure I recently had.  I went to New Zealand on the North Island then to the Cook Islands (I will post later). Though I wanted to share with all of you one of my favorite moments I had in Waitomo, New Zealand. I concurred one of my many current fears of mine and had a blast doing it. The others well I still terrified about the possible outcome or results.

2. This is taken 3/4 of the way up the water fall
I am claustrophobic and I went spelunking! I have done many outdoorsy adventures camping, hiking, rock climbing (afraid of heights as well but enjoy them too), white water kayaking, rappelling list goes on you get the idea. However a lot of them including this one is a fear. Though I know I faced it and could overcome that fear by trusting myself knowing I was fully aware and respected the danger I was willingly putting myself in.

I did experience early symptoms of hyperthermia I told the guides and they said we have about an hour left underground. They asked if I was strong enough to continue and I said yes, and we all did active exercises to make sure it didn't hit my motor functions or mind. We kept each other all in check. That was the scariest part for me but got to warm up one we were in the sun again and I am fine.
3. Loved the Zip Line! The blueish/green
light you see on the cave in the darkness
are the glow warms.
I started off rappelling (image 1) 37meters underground from there we continued to make our (I went with guides) way through narrow and high passages till we were 60meters underground. Now, you may be wondering why I wanted to go cave exploring while being underground…Well, there are these amazing glow warms in the caves that in the darkness it looks like millions of stars and galaxies on the cave ceilings/walls. I wanted to see that with my own two eyes and that meant facing my fear of tight spaces underground with COLD water that is up to your nose at times (Not fun). Those narrow spaces (image 4) and high waters lasted a maximum 30 seconds and then caves would open up to rooms as big as a cathedral with cave pools, waterfalls, wholes way above sending in a beam of sunlight. It was truly amazing and I’m very glad I gathered enough courage to do something I was terrified of doing while at the same time always wanted to go spelunking.
4. "The Re-birth Canal" I hated this part!
Now we did have to make our way back out and the caves would eventually rise back to the surface and I got the amazing privilege to climb two waterfalls with (they were maybe 8meters might be exaggerating a bit) the cave guides. 
5. The glow warms net/web in order to eat. So Cool! Yes this picture
I got from the guides not my own, didn't have enough light.
6. Dad and I doing our Super Mario Smash Brothers Impression
Thank you Dad for experiencing this adventure with me. I know we were both cold and miserable most of the time but what we witness was far more powerful then all the negatives that were there.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free Mason Pool Cue

Started another project no surprise there and if it is, get use to it, this happens a lot! I took this pool cue. (Warning if you are a diehard pool player and would never mess with a cue I suggest you don’t read any further. Know however I did not warp or damage the cue just changed the whole thing). I purchase my pool cues from Ozone Billiards. They have a website and have a FANTASTIC customer service department.

This is a gift to my boyfriend (If you are reading this and you haven't received it yet STOP READING) whom is a Master Mason and talked to his fellow brothers to make sure I didn’t cross any symbolism or laws/rules. If you have an issue with Free Masons keep it to yourself this isn’t a debate or hate blog. This is simply a gift for someone I love.

Now I had to strip the finish off and unwrap the Irish linen wrap, continued sanding evenly to make sure the wood stain will set.  If you’ve never sanded before always sand with the grain never against it otherwise you will have a scratched finish look that you can’t fix without sanding deeper into the wood and would risk warping the cue. One of the easiest ways to strip the finish off of wood is by using paint thinner it takes the finish right off. Fair warning this has been one of the most difficult projects I have ever done. It was screw up after screw up making rookie mistakes but I am very happy with the end result. I did not take pictures of my mistakes do to the fact not only because I was ashamed of what it looked like but because I was in a slight scramble/panic to correct it.

I originally to painted the cue however after I did that, the cue no longer looked like wood but like a plastic cheap cue. I had to strip it a second time. Now when I originally painted it I let it dry for 12 hours without putting a primer on, so the wood absorbed some of the color even after I stripped it and some of the color remained even subdued. I wasn’t thinking clearly enough when I started because I knew I wanted the cue to be blue so my knee jerk reaction was to use paint because it’s my comfort zone but it wasn’t until I made my mistake did I remember there is a such thing as colored stain. The only problem is there wasn’t a blue stain that I liked. But I knew I could mix them. That’s what I ended up doing I mixed three stains YES THREE! Deep Ocean, Island Water and Onyx it was a 3:1 ratio of Island water to the others. The stains were water based. I painted details on top of the stain using oils and then a clear sealant on top of that. For the handgrip I used a bicycle handlebar grip. I painted the silver pinstripes and everything you see is hand done in one way or another. This involved a lot of masking to have straight lines and lots of freehand. Enough jabber here are the pics. Happy Anniversary Love November 11, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

First Trials of Space Art

Alright so if you were patiently waiting to see the result of my failure or success (you know what type you are) either way enjoy or ridicule.

This first one I had no plan of action just wanted to put the paint down and do anything and everything I saw from a few videos. NOT the way to go. Having a plan of action and making sure you have a foreground, mid-ground and background is part of the basics of any drawing and painting and well I threw the basics out the window by accident. How by accident do you ask? Well I was really excited and overwhelmed and frankly didn’t care how the first one would turn out. Besides it took WAY to long to do about an hour and a half.

Second one I had a game plan. And frankly I think it shows, is it great personally NO but think it’s better than the last first one and did it in about half the time. The setup took a bit of time but then the rocks took a lot of time more than I was expecting but tried to work fast.

Third is just a space scene tried a couple knew things. Trying to get the gamma rays and a little northern lights effect going. But mostly focused on the color of the planets and how they work with each other and what colors do just being in opposite orders blue then purple or purple then blue it definitely effects the end result.

Now I was just bored and well wanted to paint on a different surface. My drill container became the victim. It looks like a giant over sized lunch box but I love it.

Space to Spray

The hat is to keep my bangs out of the way "Bear Down" Now off to my first attempt with space spray art. Sweatshirt is because it's in the low 50's high 40's not to mention it's 1:ooam that I am starting this little adventure.

The hat is to keep my bangs out of the way "Bear Down!"
Now off to my first attempt at Space Spray Art!
I may be a little slow on getting around to seeing new street art or street art of any kind. Though my boyfriend showed me an amazing video on YouTube and I had to try this. Now I’ve been interested in spray painting for a long time and did some horrible tags when I was younger but my parents were rather against it. So I put the can down and stuck with charcoal, pencil, acrylics and oils (recently over the past couple years). Personally I wanted to learn how to spray paint so I could eventually transfer to airbrushing if I could ever afford it.

Well after watching this video: 
I was immediately hooked. I had to, NO! Needed to get my hands on those cans again. Though I knew I couldn’t spray in my studio because I don’t have any ventilation and I rather enjoy my healthy lungs. Yes, I have a respirator mask and I recommend them for everyone who deals with spray paint or toxic chemicals for long periods of time.

So I needed a space to spray. My fathers garage was perfected though he has a lot of tools and toys that I knew if I got paint on them I’m dead including the cement floor (figuratively dead, but I don’t think I would ever hear the end of it. I love my father as a side note and he loves me. He is a great man and entrepreneur himself kind’a got that spark in me too). So this is what I did to make a quick reliable paint safe workspace for myself. Plus the bonus of doing this in the garage I can have the door open to get fresh air flow even though I am wearing a mask. Now all I used to convert this space was three 9’x12’ rolls of plastic sheets, a staple gun, staples, ladder (if you can’t reach) and zip ties. Now the great part about the plastic is that it rolls up to the ceiling that way when I’m done my father still has access to his tools and toys. The best part is since it rolls up to the ceiling my father still hasn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary because there is no need for him to look up, I get to spray paint without him ever finding out. Well that and the fact I paint when he’s sleeping at night. Be sure to check out my website to see all my artwork and completed projects:

Here are some pics: 

This is the plastic sheets and zip tied space
If the picture before is when it's up then this one must be?...